Helen Howes Textiles

Talks and Demonstrations

What A Lot Of Quilts!

Talk with hands-on quilts - over 100 pieces from the Magic Suitcase. Laughter and enlightenment guaranteed...
Never the Same Talk Twice...

Forests and Trees - Working In Series

It's an important and satisfying artistic practice to work on a theme - in repeating and exploring one idea you can make a deeper, richer and more extensive body of work
I talk about this, with hands-on examples and lots of stuff to look at..
Also guaranteed to amuse...

A Personal History of the Sewing Machine

The sewing machine changed the world, and it did so in ways that may surprise you.
I bring a selection of machines and attachments for you to look at and maybe, have a go..

What's All This Modern Quilting, Then?

A short talk to support my role as Chairperson of the Quilters' Guild of the British Isles Modern Quilt Group

With stuff to play with, and free patterns
This talk is free if added to any other booking with me, and otherwise available for travel costs and a donation to the Guild..


I also Demonstrate the following as one-hour Watch And Learn sessions, with lots of hands-on examples and try-outs if required

Japanese Bookbinding
Pillow Dolls
Free-Motion Quilting
and others, by request...

Talks and Demonstrations (apart from where noted above) cost £120 plus travel