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Free Tutorial - Pieced Trees Page 2

Sew strips of tree fabric into the cuts you have made. Start with the sub-branches and sew each side of the strip, then press and put the piece back on the mat as shown. Even with a really easy-to-jigsaw fabric like this, it's remarkably easy to get in a muddle. Be particularly careful if you need to move pieces to and from the iron.
Small stitches are a good idea, and please try not to unpick, it's very bad for your mind..
I have done enough of these to be able to judge whether they will line up reasonably well, but you can pin on the sewing line and fold back if you aren't sure. Allow plenty of extra in the strips to allow for the angles..

Press seams to one side as you go

Keep on adding and pressing, keeping an eye on the order.. You need to set all the strips that are crossed by another first

When you have done all the first set, start setting strips that cross like so..
Trim off any little sticky-out bits of tree fabric

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